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Luka Rocco Magnotta ‘fearing for his safety’ in Berlin prison, lawyer reveals


Luka Rocco Magnotta’s German court-appointed lawyer says her client is “afraid he will be attacked by other prisoners” inside a Berlin jail because media reports make him out to be a “really, really bad person.”

Magnotta has been transferred to an old Berlin prison where he is kept separate from other prisoners 23 hours a day, Evelyn Ascher told the CBC in an interview.

The lawyer also told reporters that Magnotta was “nice and polite” and didn’t seem like the “psychopath” she read about.

“because media reports make him out to be a “really, really bad person.”

Kills kittens, dismembers a man, films it + uploads it online, mails body parts to the prime minister and to primary schools… lovely.

Canada should make torture legal, just for this guy.

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Posted on 6 June
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